Migrate then upgrade: Rwanda to use older DVB-T technology

According to statistics from Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA), television penetration in Rwanda is at 6 per cent. Digital Migration presents new barriers even for the few TV viewers. The government of Rwanda has a tough task ahead of them as they have set the switch – off date at 31st July 2014. The technology in use is still DVB – T while other East African countries are working to implement the more advanced DVB-T2 technology. Kenya leads the way with DVB – T2 while Uganda is in the early stages of implementing it. Tanzania has a mix of DVB -T and DVB – T2, having rushed to meet the switch off deadline of 31st December 2012. The least endowed nation of Burundi lags behind all other countries in the region but that presents an opportunity for them to roll out a DVB-T2 platform without any pockets of DVB-T as is the case in Tanzania. All EAC countries have made commitments to meet the global deadline of 17th June 2015; albeit with a mix of DVB -T and DVB-T2 in the region. Only time will tell if Uganda and Burundi will catch up with their neighbours in switching off on the set date.